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“Jill lets the fruit bring out the flavor in her jams and jellies instead of using artificial flavorings
​The jams and jellies are handmade one batch at a time and use natural sugar (no fructose or corn syrup). Since I use local fruit I pick it up from a Virginia farm then produce the product which locks in the freshness.. My jellies and jams have been awarded blue ribbons at the Shenandoah County Fair and the State Fair of Virginia, and make perfect wedding favors, out of town guest bags and shower favors.

The difference between jam and jelly is that jam has the whole fruit and jelly is made from the juice of the fruit. Apple butter is a favorite for fall wedding favors and I use the low and slow method to create the full flavor of old fashioned Virginia apple butter.

My father uses the peach jam in vanilla ice cream which makes it taste just like freshly churned peach flavored ice cream and reminds him of a summer treat. I have a friend who bought the raspberry at Christmas for her jam filled cookies. Another friend used the blackberry in filled pancakes and her boys
​I only use local fruit from Virginia and fine grained sugar. They are handmade one batch at a time that is better than mass production because it locks in the natural taste of the fruit and produces a smoother texture and brighter color naturally.

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and mine raved about them. Also different flavors could be used over a block of cream cheese with crackers you have a quick appetizer to take to a holiday get together. I have used raspberry in baked brie Yum. My favorite is to buy the large nonfat plain yogurt, then use a spoonful of jam in a cup of yogurt which is economical on cash and calories. I inherited my Grandmothers recipes and found a recipe for Blackberry Jam cake it calls for a jar of blackberry jam.
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We have won multiple Blue Ribbons at the Shenendoah Co. Fair and the State Fair of Virginia